Business Skills, Process Analysis and Re-engineering, Project Management, Negotiation, Customer Relationship training courses and more Training programmes in the Business Management section cover skills and competences required not only for the effective management of the integrated supply chain but for successful business in general.

Topics covered in the training courses include business process improvement and BPR techniques, effective communication, a professional approach to advanced negotiation skills, project management and the promotion of excellent client relationships, with reference to clients who are both internal and external to the organisation. In addition to public training courses in KZN a range of programmes are available for in-house delivery, tailored as bespoke training if required.

1. Office Management – Roles and Skills Workshop

  • Discover how to organise any office to provide the optimal efficiency and effectiveness that is essential to the smooth running of an organisation.
  • A 3-day course

2. Management Skills for Engineers and other Professionals

  • A management course for professionals who now have management responsibilities.
  • Check that your management skills are founded on solid foundations, yet still in line with the latest thinking and principles
  • A 2-day course.

3. How to FORECAST your Business Activities

  • Ensure your staff fully understand Best Practice in the determination of your business forecasts A one-day workshop

4. Team Management, Development and Leadership

  • How to get your project, or other, team working effectively and harmoniously.
  • How to deliver enhanced results by developing and leading high performance teams.
  • A 5 – day Course

5. Management Principles for the newly appointed Manager

  • A course for the professional who is newly appointed into a managerial role – a progression that often needs some preparation.
  • A 5-day course.

6. Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP)

  • Tips and techniques for the integration of business planning
  • A 2-day training course

7. Advanced Commercial Negotiation Skills Workshop

  • Skilled negotiators know how to create movement to a point where agreement is reached.
  • A 5-day workshop

8. Identifying and Implementing Business Process Improvements.

  • Continuous business improvement doesn’t just happen! Develop skills in Business Process Analysis, Re-engineering and Improvement.
  • A 5-day course

9. Budget Development and Management

  • The key course for all managers who are, or are about to be responsible for managing budgets as budget holders.
  • A 5- day course

10. Creativity and Critical Thinking

  • The power of positive thinking and communication.
  • A 2-day course

11. Conflict Resolution

  • This Three-day programme provides participants with the tools to face and resolve conflicts in a win-win manner.
  • A 2- day course

12. How to Conduct a Meeting

  • Attendance at Meetings may take up in excess of 40% of many executives work time.
  • A 2- day course

13. Presentation Skills

  • Develop your personal ability to undertake both verbal and written presentations.
  • A 2- day course

14. Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Every person in the workplace is charged with reacting to and identifying problems, determining an approach to their resolution and then engaging in the decision making process to realise these solutions.
  • a 3 x day course

15. Working in a Team

  • How to fulfil your role as a team member, embracing the potential of your team colleagues and acting to support an effective working team.
  • a 3 x day course

16. Effective Communication

  • If communication is not clear and accurate it is not successful.
  • A 3-day course.

17. Time Management

  • Contribute more to your company and improve the quality of your personal life by developing greater control of your time and workload.
  • A 2- day course

18. Advanced Presentation and Influencing Skills – Maritime Business Institute Master Class

  • How to impress and influence important audiences.
  • Develop a Mastery of the critical skills of presentation and influencing. This advanced training course explores these valuable skills and develops a personal strategy to master them.
  • A 2-day course.