HR training courses and employee management training.

Training courses in the HR Management, Training and Development category are targeted mainly at Human Resources professionals, although most of them will also be of value to line staff.

1. Introduction to the Role and Function of Human Resources.

  • The role of HR in organisations continues to evolve and develop.
  • The role that human resource departments play needs to be flexible and able to adapt to differing circumstances and situations.
  • A 5-day course

2. How to Maximise the Impact of HR Operations

  • Evaluating the latest trends and expectations on HR Department operations.
  • Ensure that your HR practitioners and key line managers have the skills to develop and fulfil their roles, despite the emerging challenges on your organisation.
  • A 5-day course

3. HR Practices: Professional Skills for HR Specialists

  • HR Practices require skills in writing documents and leading effective interviews and appraisals.
  • Knowledge is only credible if it can be meaningfully and effectively applied.
  • This course is designed to audit and update your knowledge and to establish your value in the organisation – be a competent and professional practitioner.
  • A 3-day course

4. Customer Focus for Front-line Managers/Supervisors

  • How Front-line Managers can be encouraged to make use of the empowerment they are given and truly make a difference with your customers.
  • Turning knowledge into meaningful Action.
  • A 5-day course

5. Sales Effectiveness – An Insights Discovery MBI Masterclass

  • An MBI Masterclass
  • A 3-day course

6. Effective Teams – An Insights Discovery MBI Masterclass

  • An MBI Masterclass
  • A 3-day course

7. Managing The Training & Development Function

  • This course focuses on the important role the training and development function has to play in building capability and ensuring a highly effective organisation.
  • A 5-day Training Course

8. The Fundamentals of Performance Management – Principles and Practices

  • How to combine competency-based assessment with effective coaching to generate outstanding performance
  • A 5-day course

9. Advanced Performance & Talent Management:

  • Applying Robust Processes
  • For organisations to get the most out of employees can be a challenge unless robust systems are in place and competent managers are using them to the maximum benefit.
  • A 5-day course.

10. Manpower Planning, Resourcing and Retention

  • How to create the right jobs, engage the right people and keep them.
  • A 5-day course.