Logistics courses, fleet management training, materials management training courses. MBI can deliver tailored CILT programmes that leads to a full qualification certification. These can be designed and delivered without any disruptions to your employees working schedules. CILT Modular Courses leading to certificate award on each module. Adding up 2 core plus any other module will gain you a full qualification (Level 3 Certificate in Logistics and Transport)

  • Business theory (Core)
  • Business application (Core)
  • Port operations
  • Freight Transport operations
  • Business theory
  • Business application
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory
  • Procurement
  • Global logistics
  • Passenger transport operations

CILT Modular Courses leading to a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport .Adding up 3 core plus any other module will gain you a full qualification (Level 5 Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport)

  • Management in Logistics and Transport (Core)
  • Supply Chain Management (Core)
  • Transport Operations (Core)
  • Inventory
  • Movement of Goods
  • Movement of People
  • Production Planning
  • Retail Logistics
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Transport Planning
  • Transport Planning Techniques
  • Transport and Society
  • Warehousing
  • International Business
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Flow Planning
  • Supply Chain Network Planning

Delivery Methods

  • Intensive 12 Saturdays (8am – 4pm)
  • 12 Days Intensive (8am – 4pm)
  • 6 Weeks Monday – Friday (5pm – 8pm)

Logistics and Transport Courses

Logistics courses, fleet management training, materials management training courses. Training programmes in the Logistics and Transport section cover the skills and competences required for the effective management of the transport or fleet element of company operations and the physical management of materials and equipment. Training courses and workshops address many aspects of the management of transport and logistics in general and road transport in particular. Forklift and crane operations and marine and port operations for offshore support are also covered.

1. Advanced Materials Storage Management – Policy and Process

  • Caring for goods and equipment: the rationale behind methods, procedures and techniques.
  • A 5-day course.

2. Managing Logistics (Transport, Materials Storage & Handling)

  • Take the lead in developing a coherent upstream logistics strategy.
  • A 5-day course.

3. Transport Management for Operational Supervisors.

  • Improve customer satisfaction with transport operations that are efficient, effective and compliant
  • A 5-day course.

4. Marine and Supply Base Operations for Offshore Support

  • An introduction to safe and effective marine transport and supply base operations.
  • A 5-day course.

5. Managing the Corporate Transport Function

  • Review your strategic approach to the planning and organising of your transport resources and requirements to get value for money.
  • A 5-day course.

6. Reducing Risk in your Road Transport

  • Take a systematic approach to managing your road transport and minimize the risk of tragedy.
  • A 5-day course.

7. Managing Road Transport Fleets

  • Equip your transport management staff with the skills to support your business
  • A 5-day course.

8. Waste Management

  • Improve your Triple Bottom Line
  • A 5-day course.

9. Practical Materials Storage Management

  • Ensure that stock is available when the customer needs it – and in the best possible condition
  • A 5-day course.