National N Diploma: Marketing Management N4-N6

Qualification: NatNDipMrkMgt (DHET)
QCTO NATED/16/0207 DHET NO.: 0599992549SAQA ID: [N4-66872] [N5-66952] [N6-66996]



What is Marketing Management?

It uses communication, distribution and pricing strategies to deliver goods, services, ideas and benefits to consumers when and where they want it. It involves building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships. To be successful, marketers must constantly adapt their offerings to changes in the external environment. This marketing management training course seeks to create a theoretical understanding of underlying marketing management principles and enables the student to demonstrate practical skills in executing functions such as market segmentation, identifying target markets and writing a marketing plan.

Entrance Requirement

  • A National Senior Certificate;
  • A Senior Certificate;
  • An FETC; or
  • An N3 qualification in the relevant specialization area.

Course Duration

18 months


Upon successful completion of the N4+N5+N6 National N Diploma and the relevant 18 months practical workplace learning, the learner will be awarded the National N Diploma Level 6 from the Department of Higher Education.

Career Pathway

  • Sales Representative
  • Advertising Assistant
  • Insurance Broker
  • Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Buyer
  • Retails Sales Person
  • Telemarketer